Partners in Change

A Large Scale Interactive Change Event and Process

Partners in Change is a highly engaging, rapid and cost effective way of generating a large group’s ownership and commitment to an organization’s change initiative. This SHARED OWNERSHIP OF CHANGE event and process can unite your stakeholders around a new strategic direction, corporate culture or merger and help survivors of a downsizing effort regroup and recharge.

Partners in Change is built on five paradigm shifts essential to doing business in a fast-paced uncertain world. These are:

Together these mental models shift the organization’s consciousness and culture resulting in a higher level of focus, commitment, cohesion, engagement and performance. This new thinking enhances learning, innovation and productivity while lowering workforce resistance and stress. It significantly saves you time and money. Unlike other change methods, it does not overload your H.R. team.

Partners in Change kicks off with an edutainment event that combines the fun and power of performance art with strategic thinking. Together these generate the out of the box creativity, energy and engagement essential to market leadership.

Every event reflects the culture of the organization. For example…

We co-designed an inspirational event for a Tennessee manufacturing company whose employees had strong spiritual values. Every day began and ended with a gospel choir of employees who sang their hearts out and a blues/gospel pianist who had people dancing in the aisles during breaks.

At the Port of Singapore Authority we designed their first participatory large group event which included an address by their Chairman, skits, a song written for the event, and a vision drawing session by the 1,000 participants. After the vision session we held a gallery walk to view the drawings. As one senior executive stated, “I never knew associates had such wonderful ideas for the vision and direction of our company!”

“Your large group change process gave us the spirit and mega-picture for conceptualization and strategic positioning down to the minutest details. Thank you Aimee.”
Wong, Fong Tze Organizational Development GV.P., Port of Singapore Authority

All aspects of the event are co-designed and co-produced by the consultants and a microcosm of your employees who represent different levels and functions of your organization. Here’s how it works…


    • The process begins with gaining the sponsorship of senior leaders who create a mission statement for the event.
    • We then train a microcosm team who are elected by their departments. This training serves as a first draft for the design of the event.
    • The microcosm team then divides into committees which include a steering team, design team, logistics team, research and development team, and a pulse team.
    • With the help of the consultants, the pulse team designs questions to assess the morale of the workforce. Instead of employee surveys, one-to-one informal meetings over coffee are held to collect the data.

The Event:

    • The event begins with a healing session in which people declare what makes them mad, sad, and glad.
    • As this is the people’s event, the majority of segments are introduced by employees who represent different levels and functions of the organization.
    • Employees discuss issues at their tables and suggest recommendations which are then shared with the larger group. Music and performance art are included to keep the energy and engagement high.

After the Event

    • We guide you in developing and implementing a blue print for change to continue the momentum generated by the Partners in Change event.
    • Using the feedback of the pulse team, we help you make the necessary changes as they arise.


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