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Open Mind Adventures develops leaders and organizations that nurture the human heart and spirit while enhancing the bottom line.

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The Greatest Warriors are Those Who Face Themselves. If you have the desire
and courage to evolve, click HERE for our Breakthrough Leadership Coaching

Team Coaching

Imagine what it would be like to work
with a team of emotionally intelligent people who are committed to raising the bar of
the known by creating together. How Would You Feel About Work? To learn about our team development services click HERE

Large Group Interactive Culture Change

No matter how smart or talented, most successful leaders realize that if they are to create a bridge to the future, they can’t do it alone. What is required is a shared ownership mentality for change. To learn about the new playbook for generating this energized engagement click HERE.

Stress Less Achieve More

Are You Running Deeper or just Faster? What if you can use pressure–the energy of change–to enhance performance, creativity, relationships and wellbeing? Interested? Click HERE to learn more about our MINDFULNESS-in-ACTION approach

Inner Skills for Mastery of Exponential Change

Do your leaders suffer from change fatigue? Are they still in the box when they need to be thinking out of the sphere? If so, click HERE.

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“Ms. Bernstein was one of PSA’s key change management consultants. She was outstanding in her knowledge content and delivery. Aimee is an expert in her field with good track records, approachable, full of energy and equipped with the ability to peg her facilitation across all levels from staff to senior management. Through the years, Aimee has impressed me with her generosity, authenticity and constant quest to see things from fresh perspectives.” 

Wong Fong Tze

Organization Development Manager, Port of Singapore Authority Corporation Limited

“Aimee has been and continues to be our coach as we continue on a journey to be the highest performing work team possible…  Our work with her is genuine, based on trust , caring, transparency, respect.  … I have worked with many consultants and coaches over the past thirty plus years, but not one like Aimee. My Mother always taught me to look for the abundant blessings in my life and Aimee is truly one of them.”

Peter McHale

Sr. V.P. of R&D, World-class Beauty Company

Conflict between sales and operations is a reality of the financial services world.  Ms. Bernstein’s executive coaching work with my senior managers allowed them to resolve tensions and appreciate the complementary strengths each brought to the other.  She helped us transform our organization into a thriving, cohesive team.”     

Felice Larmer

Chairman, EVP National Bank, Financial Security Company

Aimee has a way of thinking that brings new insight into what seems like every day events, but is really the essence of a modern life.  Her work on bringing positive energy into living is worth a wide audience.”

Peter Block

Thought Leader, Author, Consultant