Understand Yourself and Others

The Enneagram is a profound and compassionate tool for understanding the choices you make and the relationships you create. It describes nine basic worldviews and the nine styles of doing business which arise from these. Each style has its own natural talents, limitations, stress and anger triggers, assumptions and expectations– its own unique ways of thinking, behaving and being. Each type believes that their way of seeing the world is objectively correct and that other types are defective versions of their own style. Through the Enneagram we learn that the behavior of others grows out of a philosophy that makes perfect sense to them, whether or not we agree with it. As our understanding of other types increase, we become more compassionate, tolerant and successful at collaborating.

The Enneagram shifts the conversation of leadership from a general discussion of leadership roles (coach, mentor, visionary) to leadership from the inside out. Instead of requiring people to have all skills and qualities, the Enneagram promotes the diversity of thinking within organizations – an essential ingredient to an organization’s ability to compete. The Enneagram shows that if we build on people’s strengths they feel safe, inspired and empowered to contribute their best. This approach results in high performing organizations that are adept at spotting marketplace opportunities, richly innovative and best able to delight a multi-national customer base.

The Objectives of the program are to …
– Learn how participant’s particular worldview informs their business view, decisions, relationships and actions.
– Provide each personality type with an individualized map and personal practices to move beyond the biases and boundaries of their world view and enhance their presence as a leader as well as their ability to collaborate.
– Develop a win-win approach to business relationships by recognizing the value of diverse styles of thinking.
– Identify each type’s specific style of dealing with pressure and stress, what triggers their habitual defensive reactions and how they may reduce individual and workplace stress.
– Guide participants in the development and implementation of an action plan to refine their leadership.
– Identify how the different personality types inform your organizational culture

Program Components
* Personality assessment to determine each participant’s type before the training begins.

Unlike other assessment tools, the Enneagram offers an easy method of personality typing. Assessments are e-mailed to participants. In most cases they will be able to self type with only a minimum of e-mail or telephone assistance from the trainer.

* Half- day, one day or two day training
* Individual coaching– Optional

These coaching sessions assist participants in dealing with the challenges that may arise as they implement their development plans. Sessions may be provided face to face, via telephone or e-mail.

“Thank you for conducting the Enneagram for Leaders Workshops with our executive team. The positive feedback was overwhelming and the session had a tremendous impact on our leadership group. We’d love to keep the momentum going… and roll this workshop out to a number of individuals within the corporate office.” Ann Byron, Vice President Human Resource, Dolce & Gabbana, USA, Inc.

“Aimee Bernstein presented an Enneagram workshop at a recent group retreat – and absolutely blew the socks off the entire group. Using a brief survey gathered before the meeting, she preliminarily identified the personality type of each member and built on that during the presentation. She was a fun, energetic presenter who involved everyone in the program. The Enneagram has caused a significant change in how members of the group understand and relate to each other.”
Ray Zentis. Chair, The Executive Committee (Vistage) South Florida

“Aimee’s entertaining style and in-depth approach kept attendees highly interested and engaged. I liked her Enneagram presentation so much I referred her to Human Resources directors from other Ritz Carlton Hotels” Melanie Marks-Ginsburg, Human Resource Director The Ritz Carlton, West Palm Beach, Florida

“The Enneagram for Leaders program was not only an eye opener for each of my managers but also for me as I learned several things about each manager that I didn’t know beforehand. This I think will allow me to manage each manager differently and each manager will know what motivates each other while also knowing the strengths and weaknesses of the other managers. I recommend it for anyone trying to build a more cohesive team. ”
Diego Beltran Jr. President, Jet Aviation Specialist, Inc. Miami, Florida


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