We at Open Mind Adventures™ see these rapidly changing times as golden opportunities to evolve ourselves, our companies, and our world.  Our work guides people in using the pressure of change to break free from limiting assumptions and habits. As they refine their character and leadership skills, our clients increase their capacity to achieve higher levels of performance and create relationships, workplaces and communities that serve the higher good.

We are known for our keen perceptions, wisdom, and skillful action in developing emotionally intelligent, collaborative teams and organizational cultures. This collaborative mind-set is essential for successfully implementing your  strategies, establishing a thriving  workplace and for generating innovations that can establish your organization as a market leader.

Our team of consultants, trainers and coaches are senior level practitioners who own their own companies.  Rather than having to keep people employed, Open Mind Adventure’s™ collaborative network approach enables us to provide the professionals that have the particular experience, expertise and industry knowledge you need.

Within Organizations We…
– Develop leaders capable of acting skillfully while maintaining their integrity in high pressure situations. To this end, we coach executives, facilitate dialogues, and provide leadership training programs.
– Generate organizational unity by developing shared ownership for change among your associates. We build high performing, collaborative teams in which everyone is an idea generator.
– Create state-of-the-art, real time learning events for large groups. These events generate people’s commitment to an organization’s new strategic direction or change initiative.
– Provide conflict resolution services, mindfulness training and other strategies for lowering resistance to change. Our work assists people in using pressure as a positive force in their lives.

Our individual coaching, teleconferences and personal growth workshops assist people in achieving their dreams and goals, improve their relationships, move effectively through life transitions, develop presence, and enhance their power and mastery.

“Open minds open doors”!