Stress Less Achieve MORE

Mindfulness-in-Action Training

“Knowing how to deal with crisis without being overwhelmed-keeping your head while people all around are losing theirs- is the most important leadership quality”
Arianna Huffington

In this volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous world, employees are faced with multiple priorities, fierce competition and an expectation that they can resolve any issue and are available 24/7. These greater workplace demands are causing stress—and it’s taking a toll on productivity, employee engagement and well-being. Little wonder The World Health Organization says that stress is the 21st century epidemic.

The usual recommendation for stress reduction is to exercise, meditate, get enough sleep, and eat better. Yet, who has time for yoga poses amidst nonstop meetings and pressing deadlines? And how many of us meditate or go to the gym every day? Stress reduction becomes one more thing to do!

Our Approach:
Stress Less Achieve MORE mindfulness-in-action training develops frictionless leaders and increases self-mastery when navigating the rapids of change.

We teach an inner map and embodied practices that guide participants in using pressure-the energy of change- to enhance performance, relationships, creativity and wellbeing. This map can be applied at any time and within any activity.

How we are different from other mindfulness programs
Because the brain stores information based on arousal levels, within high-pressure situations people may not be able to access the calm state they found in meditation or on the yoga mat.

Thus, our approach first teaches the elements of an inner map in order to remain calm, centered and grounded. Next, participants practice using this map under increasing levels of pressure.

By practicing when under pressure, participants imprint a new and more effective way of responding onto their nervous systems, which is more accessible in challenging situations.

The program is presented in two separate tracks:
– Senior and Emerging Leadership
– Wellness for the General Population

Outcomes: Participants will learn foundational skills to:
• Use pressure to enhance performance, relationships and creativity.
• Re-center when dealing with difficult people and stressful situations.
• Increase self awareness and gain greater access to feelings, sensations and intuition
• Manage their emotions
• Expand their sense of well-being, confidence and presence.
• Quickly shift mood.
• Shift from fatigue to vitality
• Enhance resilience
• Develop greater emotional intelligence and decisiveness
• Energize and support teammates when in stressful situations

The Stress Less Achieve More Training Program is offered as a three part series, which you can buy separately or as a package. The training is provided on a voluntary basis.

Stop FIGHTING Pressure and Learn to USE It! Teaches an inner map to transform limited reactive behaviors into masterful responses when in high-pressured situations.
Skillful Communications Under Pressure Focuses on communicating with emotional intelligence when triggered. This includes how to listen beyond reactivity and how to resolve conflicts harmoniously.
Bringing Your Gifts to The World– Aligns individual’s mission and vision with that of your organization; provides a mind/body approach to spark creative solutions.


The Stress Less Achieve More Training Program is based on the principles of Aikido– a martial art that teaches the harmonious resolution of conflict, psychology, neuroscience, meditative arts and best organizational development practices.


This approach has been used successfully with corporate leaders in numerous organizations including Chanel, EA Sports, Cellular One, and Novartis Latin America as well as with Marines and Special Forces.


“I couldn’t believe the personal transformation in some of the people that attended your program. I saw a difference right away in their attitude, self esteem, and energy level.” Nancy Rehbine-Zentis ,CEO
Institute of Organization Development

“Aimee worked with our leadership team to help us maximize our working sessions via Mindfulness-in -Action exercises. The results were very encouraging as we were able to engage, contribute and innovate in a more cohesive and sustainable way.”
Marcelo Fumasoni, V.P. Human Resources
Novartis Latin America
“By the way, I never told you how much our final session helped me. I knew that if I gave myself time to calm down and process what you were saying, your advice would work! And it has! Just yesterday, Mary Ann commented on the change! I’m working hard on occupying a big space and projecting in a positive way as opposed to shrinking. And I’m having fun doing it! So THANK YOU!” Cindy Drankowski, Former V.P Human Resources
Chanel USA
• Thank you for an amazing workshop yesterday. I am so impressed that you got each and every one of us to experience centeredness in such a meaningful way. I look forward to integrating these practices in my work.” Patty Gallagher, Crothers HR Consulting, LLC
NJODN participant June 2015.

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