The Journey Inward

Attend an introductory workshop that will positively change the way you handle pressure and enhance the quality of your life.

It’s a turbulent, high–pressure world out there–much of which is out of our control. Exercise and mediation can reduce some of the stress ,but, too often, busy schedules prohibit us from taking the time. Yet, even when we are disciplined in our efforts, dealing with a highly charged situation or difficult person can easily throw us off balance. Too often, many of us rely on will power and force just to get through the day. This approach to life is exhausting; it requires too much struggle, too much energy. Are you interested in an easier way?

The Journey Inward engages mind, heart, body and spirit to uncover our profound connection with our inner self. Open Mind Adventures’™ path of personal transformation focuses on expanding awareness and unifying it with the wisdom, flexibility and power of the body. It is from this state of conscious presence that we are best positioned to open and align our connection to Universal Energy, the source of all being.

In this experiential training, you’ll learn to shift at any time and during any activity from the incessant chatter of your mind to discover a version of you that is better equipped to handle the many demands of a busy life. This upgraded version performs and feels better. You’ll also learn to:

  • Identify your most basic energy habits and how these inform your thoughts, feelings, decisions, actions and relationships.
  • Experience how pressure can be used to improve the quality of your life. Learn to become bigger than your problems.
  • Re-center yourself when dealing with difficult people and stressful situations to find a deep inner calm.
  • Learn to harmonize with Universal Energy to experience increased confidence, power and aliveness.
  • Become as energetically big as that which you’d like to attract.

I’ve learned this work through over thirty years of aikido training, somatics (body therapies) and advanced energy and meditative practices. As a psychotherapist and executive coach, I have found it to be the most sophisticated and valuable work I have experience. I look forward to sharing it with you.

THE GUIDE: Aimee Bernstein is the President of Open Mind Adventures™ a consulting, coaching and training company that specializes in executive coaching and the development of collaborative, emotionally intelligent teams and organizational cultures that are rich in innovation. A psychotherapist with over thirty years of experience, Aimee integrates psychological and organizational theory with a deep experiential understanding of the universal principles that underlie all high performance, creative and meditative states. Fascinated by the mysteries of an energy world that nurtures and sustains our material reality, for over thirty years Aimee has been studying and teaching how to shift states of consciousness in a heartbeat. Her students include executives from such major corporations as Chanel, The Ritz Carlton Hotel Company and Microsoft, professionals, artists, healers and other spiritual teachers.

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“We are the one common factor in all we perceive and do.
As we change ourselves, our entire world changes and is made new.”

Here’s What They Are Saying

“Aimee has a way of thinking that brings new insight into what seems like everyday events, but is really the essence of a modern life. Her work on bringing positive energy into living is worth a wide audience.” – Peter Block, consultant & author Stewardship: Service Over Self Interest
“Recently I went through a series of let downs – deals that I felt fairly sure of fell through for various reasons. Instead of my normal reaction of burying my head in the sand with a “what’s the use?” attitude, I heard your voice in my head saying, “what’s next?” My normal reaction could have paralyzed me for weeks. Now I haven’t let the disappointments stop my momentum. I’m regaining my power and focus. I feel ready for the next opportunity and the next.” – Liora Davis, artist and teacher
After an unsatisfying interchange with my boss, you know one of those where your heart rate goes up, I travel to my usual reactive place of reviewing my conduct and wondering what I did wrong. As I catch myself in my old pattern, I shift. I then go within to sense and dialogue with the energies coming through me, I feel myself growing large and more relaxed. What began as a negative journey that could have drained me needlessly for hours, changes as I become present in my life right now. My work with Aimee and the energies around us have brought me new life…from reactive to creative.” – Sharon Miller, Senior City Attorney, Fort Lauderdale

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