The Enneagram for Leaders Program

Understanding Yourself and Others

The following program is presented in different time formats – from three hour mini-programs to week-ends retreats. Prices vary based on length of program. Contact us for dates & locations or about hosting a workshop in your location.

The Enneagram is a profound and compassionate tool for understanding people and their relationships. It describes nine basic worldviews and the nine personality types which arise from these. Each style has its own natural gifts, limitations, assumptions and expectations– its own unique ways of thinking, behaving, being and doing business. Each type believes that their way of seeing the world is objectively correct and that other types are defective versions of their own style. Through the Enneagram we learn that the behavior of others grows out of a philosophy that makes perfect sense to them, whether or not we agree with it. As our understanding of other types increase, we become more compassionate, tolerant and successful at interacting and collaborating.

The Enneagram gives you a clear picture of how you presently function and reveals to you the heights that you are capable of attaining. By uncovering your unconscious motivations and the reasons you get stuck, the Enneagram provides insights into the choices you make and the relationships you create. Rather than put you in a box the way many personality profiles tend to do, the Enneagram shows you the box you are already in— and the way out. What emerges is a more highly functional and authentic version of yourself.

Personal Value: From this program you will…
• Gain clarity about the unconscious patterns that drive your life.
• Break free of compulsions and limiting habits by learning to observe your personality in action.
• Develop your own personal transformational roadmap to healthier relationships and greater joy and peace.
• Recognize who the people in your life are rather than the ideas you have about them.
• Discover the next best version of who you really are.

Professional Value:
→ Gain an understanding of how your world view informs your success.
→ Move beyond the biases of your world view to become a more powerful leader.
→ Develop a more positive and collaborative approach to business and personal relationships by recognizing the value of a diversity of thinking styles.
→ Recognize the effect your world view has on your ability to influence and motivate your associates.