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A Piece of My Mind

I’m fascinated by change. Not change for change sake or change that merely serves ambition or vanity, but change that is true evolution. For the past thirty years, as a psychotherapist, executive coach, marriage counselor and an energy awareness/meditation teacher, my interest has focused on personal transformation that opens the heart, aligns us to the Source of true power, connects us with our deepest values and ignites our aliveness.

Change is not about making yourself something you’re not. Instead, true change uncovers the richness of who you are. The change that attracts me is that which illuminates our individual uniqueness while at the same time uncovers our collective similarities. The more we connect deeply with ourselves, the more we are able to connect deeply with others and with that which is greater than us.

How do we make this deep connection? Is it just a matter of visualization, will power or information? The written word can inspire, yet insights alone do not necessitate change. As for will power, anyone who has made new years resolutions knows it often fizzles over time. And though it is popular to believe that “if we can see it we can be it,” if it were really that easy, why is there so often a gap between what people say and do?

Transformation requires a mix of expanded awareness, presence and faith. I’ve learned that you can’t make the coward courageous, the overweight person thin, or the heartless individual compassionate. Instead, to embody any one of these qualities necessitates a birthing of a new version of you. True transformation redefines who you are by shifting your state of consciousness, increasing your ability to show up in life and deepening your connection to spirit.

Open Mind Adventures™ offers private coaching sessions, workshops and teleconferences to guide you in developing the personal mastery which will help you achieve your goals and make a significant difference in your life. These powerful mind/body/spirit approaches to self-change will expand your perceptions, teach you how to shift your state of mind at will, deepen your intuitive sensitivities and develop the capacity for skillful action. We emphasis applying this embodied knowledge to the everyday activities and relationships in your life.

I invite you to join us as we change ourselves to change our world.

Aimee Bernstein

If you have any questions about our process, please contact me directly.