Organizational Unity

To meet the many challenges of today’s business world, you need everyone in your organization to pull together with enthusiasm and perform to their fullest potential-not just during crisis situations, but every day. How do you create organizational unity and high powered team work? How do you motivate and maintain accountability and communication among teams whose members represent diverse backgrounds, thinking styles and perhaps different agendas? And how do you do all this when you are faced with the low morale, anxiety and distrust that can often accompany mergers/acquisitions, right sizing, or restructuring?

Open Mind Adventures™ facilitates the development of internal and external partnerships—between individuals, teams, departments, unions, management, customers, venders, communities, and/or businesses. These partnerships provide a foundation for everyone to operate in terms of the good of the whole instead of being driven by the needs of specific individuals, departments or factions.

Our work in this area emphasizes the art of collaboration and the power of diversity—both essential elements for success in a global, pluralistic world. Our methodologies promote authentic communication, understanding and appreciation of the contributions of those who think or act differently from oneself. By creating a safe environment for people to dialogue, trust, compassion, high performance and unity naturally develops. Our diversity program and our anti-discrimination/anti-harassment training are recognized and recommended by many prestigious law firms throughout South Florida.

Over the past thirty years, we’ve…
• Helped unions and management resolve long standing conflicts.
• Facilitated vision processing, strategic planning and problem solving between top executives and their teams.
• Assisted organizations in developing empowered partnerships with their internal and external communities.
• Helped departments and co-workers identify their agreements and work through difficulties.
• Guided nonprofit agencies in building strong boards and then taught the boards how to partner with staff.
• Facilitated the creation of corporate communities built on caring, trust, integrity and accountability.

We help you resolve the issues that divide your stakeholders.