Organization Development

Our Approach to Organization Change

When changes in the external marketplace arise, new strategic thinking is often required to maintain an organization’s competitiveness. However, before you invest in expanding your workforce, buy new equipment or roll out a strategic initiative, ask yourself:
• How will this change affect the workforce?
• Are your employees committed to the new direction? How do you know?
• What ripple effect will this change have on the overall system?
• Is your initiative aligned to your business strategy?
• Have you invested the proper resources and have the commitment of high level sponsors?

If you haven’t planned properly for these concerns, you’re heading for trouble. System changes alone are not enough to ensure successful implementation of strategic initiatives. In fact, research suggests that 75% of all corporate strategic change initiatives fail because they did not design and implement a plan to manage the affects of change on individuals, their teams and the organizational culture.

To help you prevent missed opportunities and costly mistakes that can take a toll on the performance and morale of your company, Open Mind Adventures™ provides a comprehensive approach to guide you through the phases and subtleties of change.

Working collaboratively with your people, we help them discover the solution to your organization’s problems and assist them in designing and implementing an appropriate change process. Our in-person and virtual consulting, coaching and training services develop the skills your people need so they are able to handle similar future challenges in-house.

We are committed to achieving the results you want at a level and pace appropriate to your organization.

How Are We Different?

1. Our organizational services are based on five paradigm shifts essential for doing business in a fast-paced, uncertain world. These are:
• Our way ( shared vision) vs. my way
• Inclusion vs. exclusion
• Dialogue vs. monologue
• Proactive vs. reactive
• Power vs. force

Together these mental models shift the organization’s consciousness and culture resulting in a higher level of focus, commitment, cohesion, engagement and performance. This new thinking enhances learning, innovation and productivity while lowering workforce resistance. It significantly saves you time and money.

Principle of Inclusion in Design - Chart

2. Working in collaboration with your key representatives, we identify the tipping point—that powerful intervention which can inspire a critical mass of people to expand their thinking, refine their behavior and join forces with the organization’s change initiative.

3. Our approach to change draws from business, organization development, system theory, psychology, adult learning, community building, NLP, somatics (body psychology), aikido and other wisdom traditions. This broad base of expertise enables us to develop an intervention that best suits your organization.