Organization Culture Change Services

“Your large group change process gave us the spirit and mega-picture for conceptualization and strategic positioning down to the minutest detail. Thank you Aimee.”
– Wong, Fong Tze, Organization Development V.P Port of Singapore Authority


• Organization Culture Assessment
Experience has shown us that the most effective and efficient culture change is sponsored by senior management while being employee driven. Our assessment method initiates the buy-in process by partnering with your employees for change. Working with your Human Resource Department, an elected group of employees– the “pulse team”– is responsible for co-designing the survey, collecting data and monitoring the morale of the organization. Our approach increases the number of returned surveys and upgrades the quality of information you receive while generating enthusiasm for the needed change.

• Partners in Change™ A Large Group Real Time Change Process
Partners in Change™ is a highly engaging, rapid and cost effective way of generating a large group‘s ownership and commitment to an organization’s change initiative in real time. This state of the art process can unite your stake holders around a new direction, corporate culture or merger, and help survivors of a downsizing effort regroup and reenergize. Designed as an “edutainment” event, it combines performance art with logical strategic thinking to generate the out-of-the-box creativity essential to market leadership. All aspects of the event are co-designed and co-produced by a microcosm of your employees who represent different levels and functions of your company.

• Change Architecture
We help you create a blue-print for change based on your organization’s business strategy, mission, vision and values. We use the concept of tipping points, seeking out that which can make the most profound difference to your culture change, and then engaging people’s commitment. This method results in higher employee loyalty, increased customer satisfaction and a global perception of your organization as a responsible corporate citizen.

• Five Fundamental Shifts for Accomplishing Change
Designed for mid and upper management, this training program details why most change initiatives fail and what you can do about it. The program focuses on five fundamental shifts necessary for achieving change. These are: shared vision—my way to our way; monologue to dialogue; inclusion vs. exclusion proactive vs. reactive and power vs. force. Participants are introduced to a methodology for change management and the three key inhibitors to change–personal resistance, non-learning teams and systemic factors– are discussed.