Mindful Leadership

Our Approach to Mindful Leadership

To lead organizational transformation a leader must be willing to risk self-change. It is this willingness to continuously close the gap between what we say we value and what we actually do that provides a basis for leadership mastery and inspires others to develop and grow. How does one accomplish this?

The first step is to expand self-awareness. To this end, we guide people in understanding themselves—their desires, needs, values, attitudes, thinking and behavioral styles—assisting them to intentionally choose pathways that empower them, their teams and their organizations. We use the Enneagram to understand personality types, 360 assessments to gain feedback from associates, and provide individual coaching that goes deep into the heart of the matter.

But insights, though delicious to chew on, are not enough. Without the ability to embody them, insights either remain in the realm of good ideas or, if implemented, may fail to produce the desired outcomes if the leader lacks the sensitivity, authenticity and /or personal power necessary. For example, one may coach a leader to lead from the heart but if one’s heart is not open, he or she will be unable to listen with empathy and make decisions that authentically motivate others.

Thus, for those leaders who want to take a significant leap forward in their development, Open Mind Adventures™ offers mind/body practices that create sustainable personal growth and promote skillful action. These practices are drawn from somatics (body psychology). NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) and aikido–a soft marital art which literally means “the way of harmony.” When repeated over time, these practices replace old habits by imprinting new neural patterns on the nervous system. Through this approach, we have successfully taught leaders to develop leadership presence, confidence, emotional intelligence, and the ability to take decisive, appropriate action when under pressure.

The final element of this process is the practice of translating and applying the new insights and embodied knowledge to real work situations. To this end, we offer action learning—opportunities for emerging leaders to work on a company project while receiving just-in-time feedback and training from the group facilitator.

To accommodate differences in needs and levels of commitment, we are available to contract for all or aspects of this leadership development process.

[quote style=”1″]I must be willing to give up what I am in order to become what I will be.
— Albert Einstein[/quote]