Leadership Development Services

“Aimee’s coaching style was very effective in balancing the needs of the company with the needs of the senior executive. She helped the executive recognize the need for substantial change and then helped the individual manage the change process itself. The results have been very positive and far greater than we expected.”
— Connie Hoffman, V.P. Human Resources, Alamo Rent-A-Car

Breakthrough Executive Coaching

Coaching identifies misunderstanding in thinking, facilitates the discovery of new choices and teaches the relational skills essential to customer/employee driven organizations. We combine our expertise in psychology, high performance, and business to produce rapid results. Our coaching is available in person or virtually.

The Enneagram for Leaders Program—for leaders of all levels

The Enneagram provides a road map for understanding ones’ thinking, leadership and work styles. Unlike other leadership trainings, this program moves beyond generalities and focuses on how each participant’s world view informs their business perspective, decisions and actions. Instead of insisting that everyone have all qualities of leadership, this training helps people build on their strengths in order to contribute their personal best to the organization they serve. The Enneagram for Leaders is recommended for companies interested in placing, developing and retaining top talent. A simple self-assessment provided via e-mail, is included.

Transformational Coaching- custom designed for leaders of all levels

This training program provides leaders with a coaching model to support associate’s development. Prior to program delivery, we assess participant’s learning needs. These may include such skills as active listening, constructive feedback, defining the real problem, posing questions that matter, making requests and identifying the motivational drivers that will move the associate forward. Based on their responses, we then design a program which weaves together their particular developmental needs with our six step coaching process.

Conflict Resolution Training– for leaders of all levels

This training inspires participants to become “ friction-less” leaders when navigating the rapids of change. Participants will learn to convert their habitual defensive reactions into conscious, positive responses that will: (1) enhance their leadership, the success of their organization and the quality of life; (2) reduce conflicts by increasing understanding, tolerance and compassion for different points of view; and (3) resolve conflicts in a manner that increases trust among team members. We use Aikido as a model for demonstrating our conflict management principles.

Mindfulness in Action

Research has shown that meditation reduces stress and develops inner calm and equilibrium. These mind/body/energy practices are extremely effective in developing a leaders self- awareness, ability to focus, decisiveness, creativity and presence.