Leadership and My Vision

Someday when an associate is asked to describe what they learned from my leadership, they will pause, look thoughtfully at their experiences and say…

• We learned to care for each other as we would our family.
• As with the human body, we must have diversity to work effectively as a whole.
• We can’t feel the pain of anther person, but we can empathize with them. Similarly, we don’t envy the spotlight of people who succeed, we rejoice in their success.
• The words “how” and “why” were transformed to “when do we get started?”
• Time spent reacting to the past results is missed opportunities for something radically new.
• Our measure of success is not what we have achieved; it is what we are.
• Change is all about how we think, how we experience the experience.
• Don’t live to the expectations of others.

When asked what this leadership has meant to them personally, they will smile and say…
• I feel a sense of belonging and security.
• The responsibility for how I see people and situations is within me… whether I experience peace or conflict is my choice.
• I found that I am so preoccupied with things that don’t really matter, that I lose the essential connection with things that do.
• It renewed my hope in the power of a gathered community… family, team, company.
• I have begun to think as a little child who doesn’t think they know what they mean … in fact they know they don’t know.
• I was given an environment that allowed me to be successful.

The greatest achievement would be for all associates to recreate these ideals in their daily life. We will always learn what we have chosen to teach. To become Broward’s Best we must all…

Be Leadership!

A.G. Johnson Jr. 9/93
Broward Area President
First Union National Bank