Creating Collaborative Teams


“If you want to go fast go alone, if you want to get far go with others.”
Peter Senge


In May of this year, I presented a 3-part webinar to leading companies and universities on developing a roadmap for collaboration. For those of you who missed it, the DVD of the webinars is now available at the discounted price of $199.00. I believe so much in the integrity of this work, that I am including a free 30 minute consultation with your purchase.

Below is the description of the program and the details of how to order. To contact me send an email to or call us at (954) 421-0368.

When asked to define collaboration most people respond, “It is a way of working together to reach a desired outcome.” They then mention that a vision needs to be created, structures need to be put in place and working agreements reached. Little wonder that according to research, 70% of all collaborations fail.

What they say is not wrong; it is what they don’t say that makes the difference in terms of success. Collaboration requires sensitivity to the motivation of the individual members and the dynamics of the group. But even that is not enough. Extraordinary collaboration needs a larger lens in order to sense the field in which the team currently operates. This includes how the leader’s style affects them, relationships with internal and external customers, and the culture of the organization. The final dimension to creating collaboration requires sensing the potential of the team and the individuals as they continue to develop.

When done well, collaboration not only elevates the performance of the individuals and the team; it evolves the group and its members to become the next best version of who they could be. Thus, collaboration at its best produces an identity shift. Often this shift has the power and magnetism to influence other teams within the organization as well as its customers.


  • Learn a road map for creating collaborative teams and cultures
  • Identify ways to get the sponsorship you need to be successful
  • Learn the key principles for collaboration and how to establish a foundation for growth
  • Discover best practices for developing trust and keeping people engaged
  • Learn methods for rolling out the collaborative effort throughout your organization.
  • Identify the opportunities and pitfalls that exist when your collaborative effort succeeds

Session 1: How to Begin

  • Why is collaboration important and why do you need to develop it now?
  • How do you generate sponsorship and contract for change?
  • Do you use an external consultant and if so, how do you structure the relationship to get the biggest bang for your dollar?
  • How do you announce the initiative and shape your message?
  • What do you need to know to create collaboration? Given this, what are the most informing questions to ask within an assessment? What seeds do you need to plant during the assessment phase?
  • How can you begin to soften resistances to change right from the beginning?
  • Who needs to be involved?

Session 2: Working with the Leadership Team

  • What are the essential understandings and agreements needed to build a foundation?
  • What are the five paradigm shifts essential to collaboration?
  • What are the three areas of potential conflict that need to be resolved in order to develop trust?
  • What questions does the team need to discuss in order to engage people?
  • What does it take to be a collaborative leader and how do you coach the leader to embody this style?
  • How do you deal with negativity and/or Pollyanna positivism?

Session 3: Spreading the Collaboration throughout your Division, Department or Organization as a Whole

  • How do you create shared ownership for change? How do you deal with the problem people, ego-maniacs and /or “the dead wood?”
  • What is the top-down methodology for rolling out your initiative?
  • What is the partner for change methodology for rollout?
  • What are the benefits and pitfalls of each?
  • What are the challenges that may occur if you are successful in your initiative?
  • What’s next for the leadership team?

The Guide: As an executive coach, trainer and consultant, Aimee Bernstein’s work in organizations unites and engages stakeholders. Aimee teaches the art of collaboration and the power of diversity in strengthening organizational unity. Her work with a county’s EMS management and unions resulted in a shared vision, more than a 90% reduction in grievances, and the easiest negotiations they had experienced in many years. When working with the sales and operations department of the securities division of a national bank she facilitated the resolution of tensions between the departments and generated an efficient and productive working relationship. Most recently, her emotional intelligence/ team refinement work with the SR.V.P and his top science team of a world-class beauty and fashion company produced a significant increase in innovation, the tearing down of silos between R& D and Operations, and the actualization of every member of the division as an idea generator.

Aimee is a master at getting to the heart of the matter. She has the ability to quickly perceive beyond the presenting concern to uncover the core issues and misunderstandings in thinking that keep people stuck in limiting patterns. Her work facilitates the discovery of new choices and teaches the relational skills essential to customer /employee driven organizations. She combines her expertise in psychology, high performance states and organizational development to produce rapid results.

Aimee received her degrees from Boston University and Hunter College of the City of New York. She performed her graduate school internship in counseling psychology at Massachusetts General Hospital under the auspices of Harvard Medical School and then Commissioner of Mental Health for the State of Massachusetts, Dr. Matt Dumont. She is the author of numerous published articles. Her clients have included The Ritz Carlton Hotel Company, Dolce & Gabbana, Microsoft’s Latin American division, The Port of Singapore Authority, and NASA Goddard Space Center.

What People are Saying

“For reorganization within the Emergency Services Division to be successful, long-standing issues of trust, communication and collaboration needed to be resolved. Ms. Bernstein and her partner were extremely effective in working with the many diverse personalities and agendas to bring about a better understanding and a more cooperative effort. As a result of this coaching and team building intervention, grievances were substantially reduced, tensions were lessened during contract negotiations and management and union worked collaboratively on a shared vision. I can’t say enough about Ms. Bernstein and the good work she and her partner have done.” James W. Jordan, Director Broward County Health and Public Safety Department

Conflict between sales and operations is a reality of the financial services world. Ms. Bernstein’s executive coaching work with my senior managers allowed them to resolve tensions and appreciate the complementary strengths each brought to the other. She helped us transform our organization into a thriving, cohesive team.” Felice Larmer, Chairman, FirstMerit Securities, Inc. Executive Vice President, FirstMerit Corp., Ohio

“I have worked with many consultants and coaches over the last thirty plus years but not one like Aimee. My mother always told me to look for the abundant blessings in my life and Aimee is truly one of them.” Peter McHale, Sr. V.P. of R& D World-class Cosmetics Company

“As coaches/consultants to the Broward County Executive Leadership Team, Open Mind Adventures™ has assisted us in creating a new vision of our group as a community which shares such values as authentic communication, caring and creativity. As individual coaches to members of our team and as facilitators/trainers, they have been focused on helping us make our vision a daily working reality. Although we are new to this journey towards community, I have already seen such results as an increase in collaboration among members, a heightened sense of caring for each other and the beginnings of a new level of authentic communication within the group. A.G. Johnson Jr., Area President, Broward County First Union National Bank of Florida
Targeted Audience:O.D. & H.R professionals; senior executives and mid mangers seeking to develop collaboration within their teams
Cost of DVDs:$199.00

Purchase includes a free 30 minute consultation any agreed upon time within 2 months of purchase.