“My immediate team and I have been working with Aimee Bernstein for over three years now. Our work with her is genuine, based on trust, caring transparency, respect. It is about doing the right thing more than about being right. As the leader of the team I am very happy with where we are and where we are going. I have worked with many consultants and coaches over the past thirty plus years, but not one like Aimee. My mother always taught me to look for the abundant blessings in my life and Aimee is truly one of them.”
Peter McHale, Sr. VP World-Class Cosmetic Company
“As consultants to the Broward County Executive Leadership Team, Open Mind Adventures™ has assisted us in creating a new vision of our group as a community which shares such values as authentic communication, caring and creativity. As individual coaches to members of our team and as facilitators/trainers, they have been focused on helping us make our vision a daily working reality. Although we are new to this journey towards community, I have already seen such results as an increase in collaboration among members, a heightened sense of caring for each other and the beginnings of a new level of authentic communication within the group.”
A.G. Johnson Jr., Area President, Broward County First Union National Bank of Florida
“For reorganization within the Emergency Services Division to be successful, long-standing issues of trust, communication and collaboration needed to be resolved. Ms. Bernstein and her partner were extremely effective in working with the many diverse personalities and agendas to bring about a better understanding and a more cooperative effort. As a result of this coaching and team building intervention, grievances were substantially reduced, tensions were lessened during contract negotiations and management and union worked collaboratively on a shared vision. I can’t say enough about Ms. Bernstein and the good work she and her partner have done.”
James W. Jordan, Director Broward County Health and Public Safety Department
“Conflict between sales and operations is a reality of the financial services world.  Ms. Bernstein’s executive coaching work with my senior managers allowed them to resolve tensions and appreciate the complementary strengths each brought to the other.  She helped us transform our organization into a thriving, cohesive team.”
Felice Larmer, Chairman, FirstMerit Securities, Inc. Executive Vice President, FirstMerit Corp., Ohio