For Personal, Professional and Relationship Concerns

Coaching helps identify misunderstandings in thinking, facilitates the discovery of new choices, teaches the interpersonal skills necessary for business and life, and develops your most important asset—YOU!

Aimee Bernstein is a master at getting to the heart of the matter. She will quickly perceive beyond your presenting concern to uncover the core issue that keeps you stuck in limiting patterns. Aimee combines her expertise in psychology, high performance and meditative states with her knowledge of business and organizations to produce rapid results.

Aimee uses a wide range of tools to present a roadmap to change in a manner the particular client understands. These include 360 degree assessments, the Enneagram, which describes nine personality styles, video feedback, aikido practices to embody self-awareness, Reichian breath work, NLP, as well as a host of other coaching interventions which guide the client in self-discovery while promoting skillful action.

Our team of coaches is hand picked for their particular expertise, depth of experience and ability to work with a diverse group of people. Within this group there are experts in professional and career development, master level practitioners in NLP, gestalt therapy and psychodrama, trauma and addiction specialists, relationship counselors, energy awareness/meditation teachers and spiritual counselors. I only partner with people I would go to myself for coaching.

Private sessions are held in person or by phone.

Ten reasons for hiring a coach….

  1. You are going through a life transition— Divorce, marriage, relocation, job change, illness or death of a loved one…..
  2. You haven’t achieved the success you want.
  3. You want to break through what is holding you back from magnetizing your great love relationship.
  4. You want your spouse or partner to treat you better.
  5. You’ve achieved what you want to so far and are now asking “What’s next?”.
  6. You’re feeling stressed, tired, depressed or anxious.
  7. Your anger is out of control.
  8. You are helping others but have little time for your own agenda and/or self-care.
  9. You want to break free of perfectionism, self-doubt, envy, issues of abandonment, fear of being intruded upon or concerns with vulnerability.
  10. You want to start or grow a business.